Mumbai Police has given a personal gun license to Bollywood star Salman Khan. This license has been given after threats to kill Salman Khan and his father Salim Khan. Official sources have given this information on Monday.
In late July, Salman Khan requested Police Commissioner Vivek Fansalkar for a gun license, although this was strongly denied by the police at the time.

The application was sent through proper channel, and the license papers were handed over on Sunday, after all formalities were completed last week.

Following the death threats received by the father-son duo, the Mumbai Police had tightened security at their Bandra West residence and initiated other measures while the actor applied for an arms licence.

In early June, a note was recovered with a threat to Khan celebs.

In this threatening note it was written, You will be in the same condition as the Punjabi singer Moosewala who died in May. After that many news had come out about this and the police took full care of the security of Salman Khan.

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