Shabaash Mithu :  Taapsee Pannu starrer film Shabaash Mithu has knocked in theaters. This biopic of Indian womens’ cricket player Mithali Raj has been directed by Srijit Mukherjee. In the film, an endeavor has been made to give a unique message through a mantra of Bharatanatyam. Yato Hasta: Tato Drishti, Yato Drishti Tato Manah, Yato Manah: Tato Bhavaah, Yato Bhava: Tato Rasa: That is, where the hands are, there ought to be sight.Where there is an eye, there should be a brain. Where there is mind, there will be feeling. What’s more, there will be a feeling , only then the juice will come. As per the film, Mithali likewise followed it and today she is a great cricketer.

This film is a biopic of Mithali Raj, however it has been told about the difficulties of ladies’ cricket. How ladies’ cricket neither has any personality of its own nor does it have the means to make a character. The film is displayed about the consolidation of ladies’ cricket with the Cricket Association.

Few lines explain about movie:

The narrative of the film starts with a brief look at Taapsee Pannu in the Char Minar scene of Hyderabad. After which Mithali Raj’s experience growing up is shown. Mithali Raj learns Bharatanatyam in adolescence and meets Noori. Which later turns into the motivation for Mithali Raj. Noori is additionally enamored with cricket, however she satisfies her fantasies through Mithali.he friendship with Noori gives Mithali Raj another point of view on life. In a matter of seconds both become old buddies. After which the method involved with playing cricket secretly begins. During this, Vijay Raj, assuming the part of coach Sampath, falls on him. Also, he drags Mithu to the cricket ground. This is where Mithali’s preparation begins. Mithali is chosen for the public on the strength of the relative multitude of challengesAfter which Mithali goes to the Women’s Cricket Board. Here they get various difficulties. At a certain point, Mithali surrenders and gets back to her home. Once more, after which she returns and takes the group to the 2017 World Cup. Be that as it may, his coach Sampath dies during his presentation in England. Notwithstanding, she handles with extraordinary trouble and converts her shortcoming into boldness.The spotlight that men’s cricket gets, ladies’ cricket doesn’t get it. Because of absence of assets, there are just 3 or 4 matches in a year. In any case, with the energy and enthusiasm with which Mithali Raj satisfied her fantasy about turning into a cricketer and took the Woman dressed in Blue forward, is the film likewise made with similar feelings.



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