Siddharth Rao, NewDelhi: “Explore India” on Sunday inaugurated its travel office catering to outbound tourism at a professional level here in A23, Inner Circle 1st floor Connaught Place New Delhi. The inaugural function was graced by Mr. Suneet Kalra, Managing Director, Hospitality India & Explore the World as the chief guest , Mrs. Rajni Kalra, Curator – Eva India, Executive Editor, Hospitality India & Explore the World, Manoj Arora Director, Calibrate (Hospitality India, Eva India), Gagan Ghai Director, Calibrate (Hospitality India, Eva India)


After the ribbon cutting, Mr Kalra exclaimed, “ I am extremely happy that an endeavour like this has opened in Delhi. As an avid traveller, the prospect of more travellers being able to come and see my country through the services of Explore India, is highly interesting to see. I am very grateful that they chose me as the chief guest and I wish the team best of luck.”


In the meanwhile, CMD explore India Mr. Altaf Wangnoo, Mr. Manzoor Karnai and Gurneet Madaan put their joint efforts to come up with this inbound travel office that could catering to international tourism market.


Altaf Wangnoo, CMD Explore India tourism while talking to media said, “we are excited to open this sort of space again that can give us leverage to reach to the international tourism market, it’s really a proud moment and we struggled for it over the last 3 years due to pandemic, but all our hardwork is paying off. We are very thrilled about the opportunities that that will open up for us.” he said while adding that pandemic has shattered the tourism industry miserably.


“India is a country with a rich heritage history and culture. For years, it has been neglected from being an ideal tourist destination. We are hopeful that tourism in India will revive to its full glory after so much of loss happened during the pandemic,” Wangnoo said.

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