New Delhi: CROYANCE AUTOMOTIVE started its new Maharashtra unit and launched the revolutionary electroJ 0.8 four wheel electric cargo with the loading capacity of 600 to 800 kg with single charge driving distance of 150 km.


Kapila Sandeep Soni, the founder and managing director of the Croyance automotive, a four-wheel electric vehicle company’s inauguratrd new Mah inarashtra unit and office on 26 June 2022 in the Thane district of Maharashtra. ‘Elecro J 0.8’, India’s first four-wheel electric cargo vehicle was inaugurated.


Elecro J 0.8 four-wheel electric cargo vehicle will provide new business opportunities in India. It will play a transforming role in the growth of the electric automobile segment in our country . This cargo vehicle has the capacity to carry 600 to 800 kg of weight and once charged can run upto 150 to 190 km .Croyance has already been contributing in this field and providing three wheeler E-V for a long time.

As it’s tagline itself says “Taakat bijli ki, bachat paison ki”, these vehicles will be a companion for all-around progress , being lightweighted, time-saving and pocket friendly for all its customers. Whether it is rural or urban it is beneficial in every small and big industries and has proved to be a good saver in every way. However, for rural people, it is like a boom for them.


Croyance engineering makes it available for the customers after modifying it as per their requirements. It is useful in the food industry, waste material management, airport, and farmhouse. Elecro J 0.8 four wheel electric cargo vehicle will prove to be a rising sun in India’s electric vehicle segment.

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