Kangana Ranaut has shared the secret of her next film ‘Emergency’ on Instagram. In this, Bollywood entertainer is seen assuming the part of previous Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi. In this movie , Kangana is seen wearing glasses and cotton sari in Indira Gandhi’s outfit. From his focuses on his style, the style looks very awesome. In the promotion video, it is shown the way that Indira Gandhi was being called ‘Sir’ by every one of the officials rather than ‘Madam’.

Aside from the brief look at the film, Kangana has likewise shared the primary look of ‘Crisis’. In this, Kangana is viewed as ‘Indira Gandhi’. Kangana’s different style is being found in white hair, light wrinkles all over. It wouldn’t be inappropriate to say that Kangana will be seen shaking the film as ‘Indira Gandhi’. Sharing this post, Kangana wrote in the subtitle ‘The principal look of Emergency is introduced. Picture of quite possibly of the most impressive and questionable lady since the beginning of time.’

Talking about the film ‘Emergency’, it is based on the life of late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. The most important thing is that Kangana is directing this film. The film will release on 25 June 2023.


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