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Your meeting will automatically end based on the idle time, type of account, and number of participants. These time limits apply to meetings. Meetings and webinars can require passcodes for an added layer of security. passcodes can be set at the individual meeting level or can be enabled at the. The goal is to help you skyrocket your company culture and employee engagement. By the way, we recently deleted 20+ activities from this.


– Virtual Engagement Strategies | Engage McGill – McGill University


Pro tip: You can adjust your birthday cheer to match the recipient of the message. For example, I am happy to ignore my birthday and okay with a brief mention. Soon after I joined the startup world, the company I worked for hit a major milestone. We celebrated with a small party to get everyone together.

Receiving a small bonus gift card, combined with the expression of gratitude was a powerful motivator. I felt appreciated, engaged and ready to continue the battle. You can create that same motivation with awarding bonuses and sharing gratitude online. You can easily send digital gift cards or one in the mail. Try this engagement technique once, and you will see how powerful it can be. Another great way to give bonuses is with an employee referral program.

Check out our list of virtual icebreaker questions for more inspiration, plus recommendations on how to effectively use these prompts in a virtual meeting. Your team will solve puzzles and uncover clues, in an ultimate challenge to find out who the murderer was.

Then, our expert storyteller will reveal what really happened a few centuries ago. In recent years, escape rooms have become a popular group activity worldwide. Now, even during work from home you can do fun and challenging virtual escape rooms too. These online escape rooms are a rate to remote employees by encouraging problem solving and teamwork. There are free and paid virtual escape rooms available. Investing in virtual employee engagement activities is an important part of virtual team building, improving company culture , and ensuring job satisfaction while working from home.

Even allocating five minutes at the beginning of a conference call can make a big difference. Next, check out our list of online games for remote teams , which includes fun virtual team games , Online Team Building Bingo , Virtual Werewolf and Spreadsheets Wars.

We also have a list of online drinking games for Zoom to play with remote teams, free virtual team building activities for work , ideas for virtual employee appreciation at work , and this one with virtual game night ideas. Virtual engagement is both a qualitative and quantitative measurement of the relationship between a remote organization and its employees.

For example, you may consider job satisfaction scores, retention and productivity. There are various methods to keep virtual employees engaged. Those relationships have a strong correlation with virtual employee engagement. You can also provide recognition through verbal and written praise, and financial compensation. Virtual employee engagement activities are any activities, games and initiatives designed to intentionally influence remote employee engagement during work from home. For example, Quarterly Christmas and Spreadsheet Pixel Art are two unique activities for engaging remote teams.

For example, in virtual meeting scheduled for 60 minutes, you would allocate about 12 minutes to fun. During this time you an do virtual team building icebreaker questions, play quick online team games and more. The key to help make employees feel connected is to give them time and space to be people.

Your people want to work for you, and want to do work projects; they also want to hang out, make friends and get to know people. Create space for personal relationships at work and you will see a measurable increase in employee engagement. When employees work from home, one of the lacking elements is basic social interaction with colleagues. Instead, you need to schedule time for socializing and engagement activities. You can follow us on LinkedIn for team building tips!

CEO of teambuilding. I write about my experience working with and leading remote teams since Skip to content You found our list of virtual employee engagement activities. This list includes includes: online games for employee engagement remote employee engagement activities virtual engagement activities work from home engagement activities how to engage remote employees So, here is the list!

List of virtual employee engagement ideas From Quarterly Christmas to Slack channels to bonuses, there are many ways to increase engagement with remote employees. Spreadsheet Pixel Art When you day dream about spreadsheet software, you probably think about formulas and calculations like I do. The you-are-awesome mechanics are fairly simple: Anyone can give a short and clear shout-out to another team member, and tag that person.

Everyone else watching the channel can heap on praise via emojis. The more emojis the merrier. Rinse and repeat. Mister Rogers Calls One of our most popular remote employee engagement activities during work from home is 1 on 1 video connections we call Mister Rogers Calls.

Your team will LOVE this game. Mini Virtual Hackathon Hackathons are a common event type in the tech industry. Support each team member in preparing a simple slideshow and talk. Five minutes is enough. At the beginning or end of your virtual meetings, have one team member lead a Ted-Style Talk. Learn more about tiny campfire.

Healthy Habits Challenge Working from home can either be a strong contributor or a might detractor from creating healthy habits. Emoji Nomenclature Part of effective online communication is embracing emojis.

Employee Journal The Employee Journal is a framework we use for on-boarding and developing new remote members. The Employee Journal has two main purposes: Provide new team members with a space to share ideas and questions they have about the organization. Company Yearbook One of our most successful virtual employee engagement activities is publishing a company yearbook. Unstructured Time Part of working from home is feeling like you are always on the clock. Call Your People A very quick way to increase virtual employee engagement is to call your people and talk about life.

You can ask: How they are doing. What they are excited about outside of work. About any projects you can help with. What they are watching on Netflix. Celebrate Work Anniversaries If you have a large team, then most days may be a work anniversary for someone. Virtual Birthday Parties When you work in an office, birthday parties mean cupcakes and good cheer in the lunch room. Here are two ideas for virtual birthday parties: Invite the birthday person to join a virtual call a few minutes after other teammates.

You can play as many rounds as you like. At the end of the game, the team with the most points wins. Pro tip : Setting ground rules is helpful. For example, the moved object must be at least three inches large. You could also narrow the choices by asking your coworkers who did not make a change to black-out webcams one by one. Read my lips turns this awkward or frustrating situation into a fun game.

To play, one participant will mute the mic, and then speak a word or phrase. The other players must try to guess the word or phrase correctly. Players have one minute to figure out the message. The turn-taker can also give clues by using the chat box, if necessary. Crafting a story one line at a time is a common team building activity. By using the chat feature on Zoom, you can turn the exercise into a race.

The story master can either speak the story or type out the tale in the chat box. In this game, your coworkers must count to ten.

If any players say a number simultaneously, then you start over at one. Reading body language and making eye contact is more challenging during video meetings, and it is important for adults to learn this skill. Savvy virtual employees can even devise strategies to play the game more effectively. For Virtual Musical Chairs, instead of stealing chairs before the music ends, the last participant left dancing when the music ends loses the round, and wins at life.

To play musical chairs on Zoom, create a Spotify playlist with dance tunes. Once everyone is in the Zoom room, start playing songs, pausing at random and phasing out the last player who is still dancing. As each participant is eliminated, ask them to turn off cameras to help keep track of who is still playing.

Keep broadcasting great dance tunes until only the winner is left. Zoom game shows are a fun game format for Zoom calls. To play these games, you can use online apps, or emulate the experience using slideshows and spreadsheets.

The most popular game shows for remote teams are Jeopardy and Family Feud, since they are a good balance of knowing and guessing. Check our our list of online game show ideas , this guide to playing Jeopardy online , and this guide to coworker feud.

For the movie buffs at your office, Guess That Movie is one of the best Zoom games. Prior to the game starting, curate a YouTube playlist with movie scenes. Then, when playing Guess That Movie, mute all participants and play the movie scene without revealing which film the clip is from. The first person who guesses the film correctly wins the round. These games are built specifically for the Zoom platform, and integrate features like audio, video and clicking to facilitate the rounds.

Some of the games are familiar, like Heads Up! Check out our post with the best Zoom apps and the full catalog of Zoom Marketplace Games. Playing virtual games on Zoom with coworkers is a fun way to make meetings more engaging. Especially with adults, these games will help bring joy to the workplace, and support meaningful team building.

You can either plan a dedicated 60 minutes or so to play your games, or include a few quick virtual team games at the beginning of your Zoom call as an icebreaker activity. Next, check our lists of Zoom drinking games , Zoom meeting ideas , virtual party games , online games for groups , and this one with dozens of virtual team building activities.

We also have a list of quick team building activities for conference calls , list of online board games , list of virtual team challenges , and Christmas Zoom games. Zoom games are fun activities you can play with friends and coworkers over the video conferencing platform Zoom. These games may include Bingo, Charades and Werewolf. The purpose of these games is to make the meeting more fun and engaging, and to do team building remotely.

Any player that has that life experience puts a finger down. For most Zoom games, no special equipment is needed. Anyone with an internet enabled device and decent WiFi should be able to participate. In some cases, you may want to use the breakout rooms feature. Playing games over Zoom is a great way to connect with coworkers and other teammates. You can do a virtual meeting dedicated to these group games, such as a virtual happy hour, or include a quick game at the beginning of your meeting.

Most drinking games that you can play in person also work over Zoom. For Beer Pong, just setup a cup on your desk and shoot ping-pong balls or little balls of paper into it. Many team building activities are Zoom friendly. For example, you can do icebreaker questions, games like Never Have I Ever, and online team building Bingo. Most offline activities that revolve around talking and listening can be adapted to a Zoom format.

You can follow us on LinkedIn for team building tips! CEO of teambuilding. I write about my experience working with and leading remote teams since Skip to content You found our list of the best virtual games to play on Zoom with coworkers. List of Zoom games From scavenger hunts to word games and more, here is a list of fun online games to play on Zoom with coworkers. Here is an example of items to find: Something red. Your favorite mug. Whatever is in the pockets of your winter jacket.

Bosses and managers can also contribute to show that leadership has a human side and is not immune from error. The museum of failures builds camaraderie among teammates and promotes a culture of humor and growth. In reality, the rings react to body heat, not feelings. To do this exercise, introduce a community mood ring policy that encourages check-ins with teammates.

You can hand out flip books or signs with basic emotions like focused, stressed, happy, lonely, confused, or excited. Employees can display their current mood to let coworkers know to stay away or stop by for a chat. Throughout the week, you can post check-ins to encourage teammates to share.

This activity can be a great way to spark conversations and incite connections. Folks may not want to admit to having a bad day, however a community mood ring challenge normalizes asking for help and being honest about feelings. Check out this list of check-in questions for employees. Most folks love pets. Simply ask staff to bring cute pets to the office, or partner with a local animal group and turn the afternoon into a charity event. Remote offices do not have to miss out on the fun.

You and your virtual team can invite pets for a webcam cameo as one of your remote employee engagement activities. For more fun with animals, check out this list of office pets. If you ever found yourself wishing for a reward just for showing up to work, then you will love this activity.

Door prizes are awards won for attending an event. Typically, every guest receives a ticket upon entry, and organizers pull a random winner during the course of the event. On any given day, you can use this exercise to award punctual employees. To gain a chance at the raffle, employees must arrive to work on-time.

You can either station coworkers to hand out tickets at every building entry, or check the electronic time clock records. This contest incentivizes employees to be prompt because staff will never know what day you decide to hand out prizes. Check out more workplace competition ideas. Your employees are a treasure trove of knowledge, from industry best practices to random trivia.

Coworkers can learn a lot from each other, and you can encourage the lessons by planning a knowledge swap. Or, you can design your own version of the exercise. The important part is to encourage teammates to see each other as resources, so they are more willing to ask each other for help. War of the jars is part charity, part team bonding idea. This activity takes inspiration from the creative cafe tip jars that entice more folks to tip by using dollars as votes.

The jar has two sides. On each side, write the names of a pop culture rivalry. You can set up the jars on your reception desk, human resources office, or a high-traffic area of the building. Or, you could make an online tip jar by following this YouTube tutorial. Employees will vote for their preference by sticking dollar bills in the corresponding jar. At the end of the week, count the money in both jars, announce the winner, and donate all proceeds to a chosen charity.

For question inspiration, check out this list of This or That prompts. Many companies have rainy day funds to offset times of hardship, such as budget tightenings, furloughs, or personal tragedies. Having a safety net for the bad times is good, however squirreling away money to celebrate the good times is also highly beneficial.

You can start a sunny day fund to finance festivities like birthdays, graduations, promotions, and project completions. Perhaps you want to randomly treat your staff to ice cream during the first 60 degree day of the year, or maybe you all want to try ax-throwing together. Sunny day funds reinforce wins and general positivity, and teach teams to celebrate together.

Workplaces have championed physical health initiatives for decades, yet have only recently caught on to the importance of mental health.

You can promote psychological wellbeing within your office by hosting a mental health fair. Mental health fairs are events that teach proper emotional hygiene practices and distribute self-care goodies.

These special days are one of the best employee engagement activities related to health. While anxiety and depression are the most common mental health issues, you can also include information about other conditions, such as personality disorders, delusional disorders, and obsessive compulsive disorders. An effective mental health fair is fun and amusing yet provides valuable insight and information. These fairs can be highly useful for destigmatizing mental health and encouraging employees to seek help when needed.

Here are more employee wellness ideas. Organizational shifts often involve just as much learning as new jobs yet are rarely given the same level of focus and time as onboardings.

You can host re-orientations that treat existing employees as fresh, incoming classes. These events provide a clean slate, so colleagues can approach work from a new perspective. For tips, check out these books on change management and books on onboarding. Meeting with executives in small groups or one-on-one can help employees feel valued and heard. The activity can also benefit higher management, as the interactions provide insight into the experiences of the average worker.


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