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Zoom camera not working on asus laptop – zoom camera not working on asus laptop:.Zoom Camera Not Working – Top 5 Solutions to Fix It [Partition Magic]

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I was in a Zoom meeting yesterday and my camera worked fine i. Today in a similar meeting it showed only a black screen. I\’ve worked through the basics as recommended on the Microsoft help page:. Checking camera app separately it still doesn\’t work, so presumably the app is the problem, not zoom. A tiny light flashes next to the camera lens on the laptop, but screen shows black.

I tried uninstalling the camera app, but the uninstall button is grey and unresponsive. Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn\’t help. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Search the community and support articles Windows Windows 10 Search Community member. Sometime camera apps works and some time not. The working of camera app is random.

And if once on startup if camera works it will keep on working until i shutdown the laptop and start it again later. And there is no pattern when camera app is going to Camera problem – asus laptop, windows 10 : Basically was looking at a friends asus laptop and their camera was not working, it wasn\’t working for her zoom meetings as well as the actual system camera itself, i checked for windows updates and driver updates.

These were all up to date, i then checked the camera privacy Asus Laptop camera : Following a recent windows update the image on my camera is inverted. How can I correct this? Me or WebEx because of incompatibility with Windows Microsoft does not have any information addressing this that I can find. I did uninstall and reinstall Zoom, and checked that I have latest version of I don\’t know what to do.

Is there any problem with my laptop\’s inbuilt camera or with the driverusb2. I checked in the device manager but it does not show the camera as an option anywhere.

There are two possible broad reasons: hardware or software. Unlike something within Windows malfunctioning, a webcam is a physical device, so the issue could lie in the device itself or in your computer\’s understanding of how to connect to it. Most Windows webcam issues have something to do with software. That is, Windows 11 doesn\’t understand the camera is plugged in or the software you\’re using like a browser or video program doesn\’t have the right permissions enabled, effectively blocking access to the camera.

If you\’ve already connected and set up the webcam with Windows , but your computer isn\’t detecting it, walk through these troubleshooting steps to identify where the fault is and what you can do about it. Test the webcam after each step to see if it\’s fixed before moving on to the next tip.

Check the camera manufacturer\’s website to confirm it\’s compatible with Windows Most webcams show the maker somewhere on the front. Really old cameras likely won\’t work with newer versions of Windows and won\’t respond to any of these troubleshooting tips. Your only option in that case is to purchase a newer camera. Restart your computer. A reboot is often the fix for problems which don\’t have a clear source. If you haven\’t tried this yet, don\’t overlook it as being too simple a solution; it might be all you need to do.

Plus, there might be another app or browser tab already using the camera. Restarting the whole PC ensures the webcam gets disconnected from those sources. If the webcam is attached through a cord, unplug it and then plug it back in. Take this opportunity to use a different port to eliminate the first port as the problem. Also unplug unnecessary USB devices e. Although unlikely, other plugged-in devices could be interfering with the camera\’s ability to communicate with Windows.

Although it might seem obvious, it\’s important for the camera lens to be free from debris. If it\’s new and has plastic over it, or includes a privacy cover, ensure those aren\’t in the way. This could be the fix for a camera which appears to be really low quality or shows only a black screen.

Verify the application you\’re using the webcam with is set up properly. This might be a web browser or desktop program, so how this is done differs for everyone. If you\’re using Chrome, for example, ensure the webcam isn\’t blocked.

If there\’s webcam software installed, look through the menus to confirm the camera isn\’t disabled. Toggle on both Camera access and Let apps access your camera. A bit further down the page are toggles for specific apps; check the apps you need are have enabled rights to use the webcam.

Temporarily disable antivirus, firewall, and privacy software.


Windows 11 Webcam Not Working? 14 Ways to Fix It

Verify the application you\’re using the webcam with is set up properly. Check Your Webcam Use a soft cloth and clean your webcam.


– Zoom camera not working on asus laptop – zoom camera not working on asus laptop:


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