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For Members, Athletes and Customers. Like turning off a camera if you need to come off mute and speak in the other meeting? Does anyone have any guidelines for joining 2 Zoom meetings? Getting Started. We need to set up few webinars at the same time as the most of the users here. Zoom quick start guide. The host can leave the meeting and pass host privileges to another user if needed.


Can I schedule more than one Zoom meeting at the same time? – How to Schedule Recurring Meetings


Hi itsupport. I am having the same issue. I need to schedule multiple meetings for the same time, but I will not be in these meetings. What is the work around for this? Will this work if there is an alternate host? I how to start two meetings in zoom master account scheduling both meetings am not able to run another meeting simultaneously, even though I am not the host of the currently running meeting, as that meeting is being hosted by the alternative host, who is a member больше на странице my account.

Hey em-schoolakmenysgyviejielleesd1itsupport. Please keep in mind this forum is for the Zoom Marketplace Platform.

Only one Zoom user at a time can host a meeting. If you want to host concurrent meetings, you will need two Zoom users. Could you please point us into the right direction? Where, or with whom, is it possible to discuss this topic? We have participated in a couple of training sessions, which have shown themselves to be rather useless for us.

Our email to the customer care has also not been answered for weeks. Or change the host of an existing meeting. I get that we add a user, make them a host. We might not want them to have to schedule the meeting themselves, we might want to set up the whole meeting for them using our templates for example.

As an aside, if you have scheduling rights set up, can you change the host of the meeting after it is scheduled? Hi Tommy, What about about scheduling multiple meetings for the same time but not hosting them? You can create multiple users free or paid on your account, and then schedule meetings for them. Then each person host would need to start the meetings. Hi Tommy!

We need to how to start two meetings in zoom up few webinars at the same time as the most of the users here. As I understood it right, it is possible by creating multiple users hosts within 1 account. Could you please advice me on the following items regarding this:.

Trying to edit посетить страницу User Management to add two more license availed 3 hosts but I cannot edit my user management. I have read all your tips on this feed and have already done посетить страницу источник you have said to do. I know I was doing it correctly, because up until last week I was able to successfully schedule and run how to start two meetings in zoom meetings at the same time on my two host accounts.

Now all of the sudden, even if each meeting is scheduled and started by a separate, licensed, user on my account, one is kicked off how to start two meetings in zoom the other starts their meeting.

Because of the volume of users for zoom during this pandemic, I understand the the support team is behind in returning emails. But please, is there someone or somewhere you can refer us to. Thank you for your time. If a meeting is scheduled by host X, they join the meeting and run it for a while, and then they leave the meeting and assign host privileges to host Y another valid, licenced, user to continue the meeting, host X is unable to host any other meetings and has to cancel the existing meeting to host another meeting despite the initial meeting having a valid, assigned host.

This causes a lot of problems when trying to run здесь interview on Zoom and having multiple interviewers all licenced cycle though one long meeting.

Hi, is there a limit to how many concurrent separate meetings I can book on behalf of others? With the current functionality, I would expect to be able to book say, a thousand in one morning, but needing to confirm.

Create multiple meetings at once Feature Requests. Hi tommy Can you please приведенная ссылка how to add more hosts. I have a package of 9 hosts. Thank you. Here is the support article to answer your question: Only one Zoom user at a time can host a meeting. Contact support. Thanks, Tommy. How to start two meetings in zoom Tommy, thank you for directing us to the website. Thanks a lot. Hope my askmakes sense.

Hey sarah. Hey TallblokeUKYou are spot on. Hey em-schoolIn order to host multiple Zoom meetings at the same time, you will need multiple users hosts. Could you please advice me on the following items regarding this: How exactly can I do that? Thanks in advance and have a nice day!

Thank you Best regards. Hi Tommy, I have read all your нажмите для деталей on this feed and have already done everything you have said to do.


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